Join the @AmnistiaOnline / @Amnesty International Thunderclap: #TransferToffiq out of Gitmo!

Civic NYC • 15 May 2018
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June 1, 2018 is a global day of online action for Guantánamo Bay prisoner Toffiq al-Bihani’s birthday. This year marks 16 birthdays that Toffiq has spent in Guantánamo. Join the campaign to get Toffiq out of Guantánamo by joining our Thunderclap now! 

Toffiq's story is an emblematic case of a man who has been cleared by US national security agencies for transfer out of Guantánamo, yet remains in the detention center. 


Toffiq has been held at Guantánamo Bay detention camp in Cuba since early 2003 without being charged with any offense. Initially turned over to US military personnel in Afghanistan in March 2002, he was transferred to CIA custody in October that same year, and for several weeks subjected to enforced disappearance as well as to other forms of torture or other ill-treatment. After briefly being held in US military custody in Afghanistan, Toffiq was transferred to Guantánamo Bay in early 2003.

No one has been held accountable for his enforced disappearance in CIA custody or his other forms of torture or other ill-treatment. While US President Trump has outlined plans to "load Guantánamo up with bad dudes," Amnesty International has been fighting to shut down the detention center for good. It's time to #TransferToffiq!

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