Thunderclap: Faith Leaders Confront Nabisco #ChecktheLabel

Civic Chicago • 10 May 2018
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More than 130 interdenominational religious leaders from around the United States have come together to speak truth to power at Mondelez International, producer of Nabisco-branded snacks like Oreo, Ritz, and Chips Ahoy. Faith Leaders for Justice at Mondelez-Nabisco will be submitting a statement to CEO Dirk Van de Put at the annual Mondelez Shareholders Meeting on May 16th, and they need your help boosting this message on social media: We demand moral responsibility from Mondelez, and Nabisco workers deserve economic JUSTICE NOW!

The business model of Mondelez-Nabisco is immoral and unethical, eliminating family-sustaining jobs in communities which desperately need them and exploiting workers abroad for poverty wages under inadequate protections. Mondelez is outsourcing hundreds of jobs from Chicago and cities across the United States, leaving families jobless and working class communities to suffer. At the same time, Nabisco workers in Mexico are being exploited for just over $1 per hour according to a contract provided by the Mexican government. If that wasn't bad enough, Mondelez is attempting to abandon its responsibilities to its workers' pensions, while its own CEO rakes in $42,000,000 this year as the #2 highest paid CEO in the world. Religious leaders are saying enough is enough, these immoral business practices must stop. 

Join them as well as Nabisco workers and supporters from all over today as they stand up to multi-national corporate exploiter Mondelez in a massive demonstration outside the shareholders meeting in Lincolnshire, IL! Our collective voice is our power! 

Check out the Faith Leaders for Justice at Mondelez-Nabisco statement, already signed by more the 130+ faith leader signers!

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