Thunderclap: I Am Africa #IAmAfrica

Civic Atlanta • 28 June 2018
Link to Thunderclap

The I Am Africa Campaign is a pan-African grassroots campaign driven by the energy and aspirations of the continent's young people. I Am Africa represents every tribe, religion, class and creed that makes up the beauty of Africa.

We are here to leverage the momentum and motivations of young people and their vision for this region.


We inspire, educate and activate Africans to accept and assume responsibility for the future of their continent. We will achieve this by engaging citizens to declare:


  • I Am Africa: Commit to the campaign by declaring “I Am Africa” and share your assumed responsibility for the future of Africa on social media.
  • I Take Responsibility For Africa’s Future: Share this campaign and its purpose to educate citizens and young people on their role developing their continent.
  • I Act For Africa: Take action using the Active Citizen Framework to resolve the many challenges Africa faces such as poverty, disease, tribalism, corruption, tyranny and poor governance in order to advance sustainable development across the continent implementing everlasting change.

1. Visit the I Am Africa website and commit to the campaign.
2. Follow the campaign on Facebook
3. Share the campaign using #IAmAfrica to your social media pages.

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