Thunderclap: No Privatizing of Puerto Rico!

Civic NYC • 19 March 2018
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No Puerto Rican Privatization of Education System! The People Say No!

Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rossellό and Education Secretary Julia Keleher have recently announced plans to privatize the island’s public schools. The plan is in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria and a debt crisis that hedge funds and heavyweight investors have used as a pretext to eliminate or public services, public pensions and public civic projects. The Rosselló/Keleher proposal mirrors Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' policies to expand school privatization, and mimics the pillaging and privatization imposed on New Orleans' public school system after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Critics have called Rosselló's and Keleher school privatization push "Katrina on steroids" - a sarcastic nod to former CPS boss Paul Vallas' massive school privatization program when he ran New Orleans' school district in the wake of Katrina.

 The Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico is moving on a fast track to pass what would be the island’s first charter law, Already, the charter industry has hosted a group of supportive legislators in one or more states to see “shining examples” of charter schools in our cities. The message Puerto Rican policy makers are hearing is that charter schools work, and that they offer the best path forward for Puerto Rican children.

 Allies In Puerto Rico – organized community groups, educators, and friendly legislators – have  requested letters, describing the reality of charter schools in our cities and states.  Public hearings will be held in the Legislative Assembly on February 27, 2018 (Senate), and on March 7, 2018 (House). We want our messages and voices to be heard! These failed policies must not be spread like a cancer to Puerto Rico!




What You Can Do:

1. Participate in Social Media Days on Key Decision Dates

March 7 (8 am CST/9 am EST and 12 pm CST/1 pm EST))
March 20 (8 am CST/9 am EST and 12 pm CST/1 pm EST))

Use the Hashtags:

#PuertoRico #WeChoose


Twitter Handles

Puerto Rican President Ricardo Rossello


@amprnet (to amplify inside Puerto Rico)

2. Send Letters on your letterhead in support of keeping the School System public and not Privatized.

Send a letter against privatization by 3/7 to They will be sent to allies on the ground in Puerto Rico. Sample letter here.



3.     Sign on to the #WeChoose Education Equity Not the Illusion of "School Choice" Petition 


4. Sign on to support the #WeChoose Campaign and learn more about the WeChoose Coalition Partners at


 More details about why Privatization doesn't work for Puerto Rico!

Fact Sheet

Puerto Rico Privatization Analysis

Social Media Action (Thunderclap, etc.) #puertorico #WeChoose Education I Took This Action!