Thunderclap: Still Demanding Equity in US!

Civic Baltimore • 10 May 2018
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On May 14th the Journey for Justice Alliance will release a Myth-Shattering Report “Failing Brown v. Board” that exposes deep Inequalities in Public Education Across Race and Class.

May 17, 1954, marked a turning point in America's journey toward a more perfect Union. On that day, the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education, outlawing racial segregation in our Nation's schools. Brown overturned the doctrine of "separate but equal," which the Court had established in the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson. For more than half a century, Plessy gave constitutional backing to discrimination, and civil rights organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People faced an uphill battle as they sought equality, opportunity, and justice under the law.

Yet, as we approach the 64th Anniversary of Brown, we are still fighting for racial justice and equity in our schools throughout the country. On Monday, May 14th we want to make a statement that can't be ignored: that #WeChoose Equity, Not the Illusion of Choice!


The "Failing  Brown v. Board" Report examines course offerings in 12 cities revealing inequities that have remained since the Civil Rights Movement, inspiring call from national organizations for a “new Brown v. Board”

What You can do:

1. Download your copy of  Failing Brown v. Board Equity Report at on May14th and read it!

2. Share the report with 5 elected officials, teachers, friends or family members and ask them to do the same. Together we can make this Equity Report go viral!

3. Participate in the Lunch-Time Social Media Power Hour, May 14th at 12 PM EST.

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