Thunderclap: Stop the Grizzly Trophy Hunt! #NoGrizHunt

Civic Denver • 12 March 2018
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Wyoming plans to allow the trophy hunting of 24 Yellowstone area grizzly bears this fall. Just a year ago, these bears were protected under the Endangered Species Act. The American people spent millions of dollars to bring this species back from the brink of extinction and now the state of Wyoming will earn a mere $46,800 to allow rich trophy hunters to kill them for fun.

This is not a done deal, however. A recent study has indicated that wildlife watchers contributed greatly to the Wyoming economy. Indeed, wildlife watchers contribute 1.8 times the amount of hunters. The governor has shown that he is aware of the importance of wildlife watchers to the Wyoming economy through recent comments. Let us remind him of our contribution to the economy and how much wildlife watchers abhor the brutality of a trophy hunt of grizzly bears. 

Please join this Thunderclap to spread the word about Wyoming's plan and flex your muscle as someone who prefers wildlife ALIVE! Let Wyoming's governor know that you want him to cancel the Wyoming trophy hunt of Yellowstone area grizzly bears.  

*There is a small buffer zone to the east of Grand Teton National Park and within a half mile of a highway. 

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