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Civic Action Admin • 24 June 2018
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On June 29, 2018, spiritual leaders from all over the world will gather together in Assisi to pray together for peace for all the flash points in the world, ​​and to end war and nuclear threats. The spiritual leaders, together represent all world religions. They will be joined by CEOs from private sector organizations, including from the Netherlands. All will meet at the grave of Francis of Assisi in Italy.


At 11:00 am Italian local time the spiritual leaders will call upon their followers around the world to pray with them for peace in war-torn countries including Syria and Yemen. This world-wide prayer shows that cultural and religious differences are bridgeable.

Special guest, 17-year-old Mohamad al Jounde from Syria, winner of the International Children's Peace Prize, addresses the leaders and will ask them not to let his generation get lost in the war.



Thirst for peace

After the prayer, the spiritual  leaders will offer each other a glass of water, symbolizing their thirst for peace. They will invite their supporters to follow this gesture.

The various calls from the spiritual leaders can be followed on the website Thirst for Peace.

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#PassthePeace #PeaceWeek #PeaceWave #ThirstForPeace

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