Thunderclap: Time 2 #DumpDeVos

Civic Action Admin • 28 March 2018
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Betsy DeVos has sought to cut Education Department funding by $3.6 billion in her proposal to the Omnibus spending bill: “It sharpens and hones the purpose of our mission: serving students by meeting their needs,” DeVos said. Luckily Congress stopped her but now it is time to call for her resignation. She has initiated a war on our children and public schools. 

Among the cuts she recommended:

* eliminate funding for after-school programs for needy youth 
* ax a grant program that helps low-income students go to college 
* cuts to the Office for Civil Rights, because “the office had grown more efficient”
* eliminated grant programs that supported student mental-health services, in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, and a massive outcrying of support for these services
* $40 million for the popular D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant
* freeze the maximum Pell Grant award to low-income students at $5,920
* eliminate the $732 million Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
* halve funding for federal work-study programs that help more than 300,000 students work their way through college

What *did* she want to spend more money on?

* more than $1 billion to promote charter schools, magnet schools and private school vouchers

This is not a "Secretary of Education."

This is a vandal.

Join BATs as we send letters to our federal lawmakers, call our federal lawmakers, and take to their social media (Twitter and Facebook) profiles demanding her resignation.  Go here for our Time 2 #DumpDeVos Toolkit

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