#WomensMarch #petition: #EndFamilySeparation

Civic NYC • 30 May 2018
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Whenever women have gained political power or engaged in political activism, we have improved and advocated for the rights of children. That cannot stop now. 

Forcibly separating children from their parents is actual ICE policy, intentionally and cruelly inflicted on families who come here seeking refuge. 

The Trump Administration has directed Homeland Security to send “100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings” to the Justice Department to be prosecuted. When undocumented parents are criminally prosecuted, their children are automatically declared unaccompanied minors, detained and transferred into government custody—despite the fact that they have loving parents who desperately want to stay with them, parents who brought them to the United States in search of a better and safer life. 

We demand that the Trump Administration end the violent practice of automatically criminalizing undocumented immigrants and tearing families apart. We make this appeal directly to Ivanka Trump, the mother of three young children, a member of this administration, and someone who has claimed to have an influence over White House policy.

Tell Ivanka that she MUST take action to #EndFamilySeparation today. The safety of children and their families depend on it.


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