Dear Media, Ignore the Trump Counterpunch

Stephen Rockwell • 5 March 2017

Dear Media,

You've fallen for it.  Yet again. 

Trump's lying. Yet again.

The man breaks any norms we have as a democracy. Yet again.

A sitting President attacks the previous President calling for an investigation without a shred of evidence.  It is a lie intended to distract us from the closing in of the media (and perhaps Congress and US Intelligence?) on the Russia investigation.  As Nick Kristof tweeted: 

For the most part, the media has been the one effective guard (Is Congress investigating or not?) against the fascist proclivities of the Trump administration.  They are the bulwark against a man who has zero regard for the truth, lacking even a modicum of decency or integrity.  

Yet, when he goes off on a twitter storm either with lies or attacks on SNL, the media covers in its spun up cycle.  The narrative changes on a dime.  His whole history is built around this counterpunch method of public relations.  Change the narrative by going on the attack.  As a Politico article noted back in December: "He can often dominate news cycles when others criticize him, knowing his supporters will often take his word and see him in a position of strength. Wayne Barrett, a Trump biographer, said 'there's some genius to it' and that his 'very planned' gestures send a message to others who might attack him." (  We have to stop falling for this counterpunch.  

The arc of the media's narrative and investigative journalism must be consistent and focused.  What interference did Russia have on this past election and on the Trump campaign/administration?  What is the nature of the relationship between Trump and his surrogates with Russia?  Why Trump's strange behavior towards Russia and Putin?  We must get to the bottom of this.  

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