Fire the Fool - The Resistance is Growing!

Kelly Lett • 5 April 2017


Just one day after being inaugurated brand new President Trump received the coldest of shoulders from over 3.3 million people in 550 cities and towns across America and over 100 locations worldwide. Including the 470,000+ protesters that showed up at his new front door. After leaving the largest protest in American history, we all went back to our homes and wondered what to do next. 

Thankfully there were people and organizations ready to guide our resistance. Indivisible shared an impactful message about what really works when influencing the Senate and Congress. That lead to a flurry of daily phone calls and politicians running away from town halls filled with enraged constituents. 

Others encouraged looking to the 2018 mid-term elections, with hopes of breaking apart the Republicans super majority. Some groups told us to keep marching, what to boycott next, how to talk to a Nazi; there has been no shortage of idea's for resisting and ultimately defeating trump. Even still, with the exception of the airport protests over the Muslim ban, we hit a slump.

As groups like Metro Detroit Political Action Network maintained a steady schedule of rally's and protests, attendance numbers dwindled. Worry about protester fatigue set in as we planned Fire the Fool. Fortunately for us this dumpster fire of an administration released the most terrifying budget proposal of all time a couple weeks back while continuing to destroy peaceful relationships with our allies and court dangerous regimes. 

The base was fired back up.

So it was that on April Fools Day, 2017 approximately 500+ people showed up on 9 Mile in Ferndale, MI demanding congress Fire the Fool. We want Donald Trump impeached.

I want him sent to prison. 

The sun shone as we lined both sides of the street chanting and holding up the clever signage that has come to symbolize the Resistance movement. Staying true to its name, Metro Detroit Political Action Network, invited other liberal and progressive organizations to the event, luring them in with the promise of a free table where they could set up displays. 

After an hour of chanting and listening to speakers we hit the marching trail. Led by a big headed Trump figure dressed in prison stripes and a loud mouthed feminist with a bullhorn (me) we headed down Woodward ave. The line measured half a mile long from front to back!

This was the gathering we all needed. A chance to shout out our frustrations, find like minded people, and join organizations specific to our individual concerns and needs.

The Resistance is growing friends.  


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