Trump: The People Aren't Interested in my Taxes; People: Yes We Are!!

Kelly Lett • 13 April 2017

Follow the money is a common refrain heard when talking about corruption or politics. In the case of our shadowy new prez though, we are left with almost no money trail to follow. Not because one doesn't exist, but because Don the Con has done everything possible to keep his finances out of public view. Why?

Just what is hidden inside trump's tax return?

Considering how happy he is keeping his financial records in the dark you know he has to be hiding something juicy. Something that could put a stop to this unfolding nightmare before he does drop the next giant bomb. 

After all, if he has nothing to hide, then why is he so desperate to keep his tax returns hidden? 

We are talking about a man who built his life on cheating and bragging. A man that is happy to buy the biggest house on the block and do a 20/20 interview from inside said house. A man who covers bathroom fixtures in his private jet with solid gold and makes a Youtube video showing them off. A man who was happy to drag his first AND second wives through the mud in the New York press so that he could win more money in the divorce settlement. 

trump is not a humble guy.

And since he considers wealth to be the greatest achievement a human can accomplish, then he should be happy to open up and brag about his income, charitable donations and who he's doing business with. 

That is unless he doesn't want people to know he is basically broke, has never donated to any charities and does business with enemies of America.

I would really like to know why Mr. Braggadocios has turned into a humble church mouse. One might call him a coward. 

Or a chicken. A big old scared chicken. 


MDPAN has joined up with the over 135 other cities across the nation, including the District of Columbia, to rally and march with the demand of seeing Donald Trump's tax returns. Enough hiding in the shadows! We need accountability!

Join us!!

Detroit Tax March in Hamtramck

Saturday, April 15


Pope Park

We will have speakers from:

Michigan Peoples Campaign

Maria Kabbani from Orphans of War

Dr. Ahmed Ghanim

Committee to elect Andrew Cissell to Oak Park City Council

Jenny Elgin from No Space for Hate

Phoebe from Women's March Michigan

Special musical performance by: Audra Kubat

Information tables will be available from:

Taking Back Orange


No Space for Hate

Michigan for Revolution

Planned Parenthood

Voters Not Politicians

Ask A Muslim & Ask A Jew

But that isn't all! It will be a complete day of political activity and community building. 


Food Not Bombs will be holding a FREE pancake breakfast in Pope Park that same day starting at 11am. Come meet members of your community and enjoy a free hot breakfast. 

To finish it all off MDPAN is hosting an after event at Ghost Light in Hamtramck.

Musical performances by:

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

Border Patrol

Duane the Jet Black Eel

Pancho Villas Skull

Doors open at 8, Music starts at 10. 

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