UnRig New Jersey's Politics

Civic Philly • 3 June 2017
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New Jersey’s governor has the lowest approval rating in the country, and on June 6th, NJ voters will have a chance to usher in a new era of politics, free of political corruption. Too bad nearly half of the state’s voters will be kept from voting unless they register with a party, due to the state’s closed primary.

New Jersey politics, much like national politics, is a rigged system that caters to party interests and fuels hyper partisanship. No wonder 42% of voters won’t join a party.

New Jersey voters have had enough. They deserve a functioning, accountable government that is responsive to their communities, instead of the political machines.

Open primaries would empower voters and give everyone a voice. They alleviate hyper-partisanship and produce candidates who have the voters’ best interests in mind.

This primary day, let’s make it clear that New Jersey voters deserve better; they deserve open primaries.

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