What would it take for a Trump Supporter to Withdrawal Said Support?

Stephen Rockwell • 1 July 2017

Dear Trump Supporters,

Its me again...you average progressive coming to terms with being middle aged white male who is trying his best to understand your position, but am having a more and more difficult time goes on.  This week the President again used what his perhaps his most marketable skill and cyber-bullied in 140 characters the co-host of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski.  His attack was personal again, demeaning a woman again about her looks.  In what world is this okay from anyone?  Would you accept Trump doing this to your mother, your wife, or your daughter?   To see this behavior from a reality star on twitter is one thing, but a sitting President is another thing entirely.  We rightly are supposed to have some degree of respect for the Office of the President.  Does the current occupant respect the office he holds?  Can anyone imagine Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or either Roosevelt speaking in such a manner?  Or more recently would Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Obama or either Bush have ever spoken in such a manner?  If you are Trump supporter, what would you have said if Obama attacked a conservative pundit by saying something about her looks?  Be honest with yourself.

I truly don't understand folks supporting such behavior.  

I'm especially perplexed by my conservative Christian friends who have still support a man who is antithetical to anything I've ever heard them talk about when it comes to politics.  Trump is not a churchgoer and never has been, but beyond that he doesn't seem to uphold any of the "Christian" values.  Do you really feel he is a role model?  He's lived a life thinking its okay to grab women by their genitals, including married women.  He seems utterly concerned with his ego as opposed to focusing on God.  I'm truly confused by your support.  Is it just because he's a Republican and you are more likely to associate as Republican?  It seems to me that there are higher principles at stake and that you are risking your long-term reputation as upholders of values through your support of someone so antithetical to those values.  

What would it take for you to withdrawal your support of Donald Trump?  Could he literally shoot a man on 5th Avenue and still have your support (like he said during the campaign)?  Is there a line?  Let us know.


One of the overwhelming majority of your fellow Americans who disapprove of Trump.