Scotsdale Women’s Center – Why They March

Rachel Voltaire • 22 July 2017

A child has the right to come into this world loved and cared for. Not forced into this world by politicians who care more about a woman forced to give birth due to legal and financial obstacles, and would rather see a child born than a child housed, fed, and welcomed.

While many people discuss Planned Parenthood when it comes to providing abortion services to patients, often overlooked are small, independent clinics that are also under attack. Worse, they do not have the national platform or the funding Planned Parenthood has to withstand draconian anti-abortion laws.

“We want to remind people that women and all people coming to our clinic for services have the right to be respected,” Ashia George, a service provider at Scotsdale told us about her decision to co-host. “The title slut walk often sounds weird to people because of the negative connotation, but the truth is many women are labelled sluts or “baby killers” if they decide to terminate a pregnancy and this is not okay”.

Ashia George began her journey at Scotsdale in 2012 as a Medical Assistant. She is now preparing to graduate with her Nursing degree at the end of this year and she couldn't be happier to build a career in women’s reproductive health care. Being well trained in all areas of the clinic she is able to see patients all the way through from beginning to end. Scotsdale’s mission is to provide safe, affordable, quality abortion care to women in need. Financial assistance is available at the clinic for low income women who qualify.

“Abortion care is so vital to women’s lives. It’s amazing that society can be so ignorant and let politics dictate medical care between doctors and their patients.”

The state of Michigan has made it more difficult to get access to an abortion. Patients must obtain state mandated paperwork at least 24 hours prior to their appointment, which can cut into work hours, especially for patients who are travelling long distances. Policies like this prolong the process and increase costs rather than add to qualifying health care. “Now the climate is so shaky that clinics are a bit uneasy. If one step in the process is ignored, from the waiting period to a 3-step informed consent process, we could get cited by the state and/or potentially lose our license.”

Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries


The 3-step consent process is an “informed consent” process and it must be given to a patient verbally, in written form from the clinic or online from the MI Dept. of Health and Human Services, lastly a consent with the physician must be signed before their procedure. While supporters of the law say it allows abortion-seekers to be informed about the procedure, in reality, it can make the procedure sound scarier than it is.

“This is not something women just want to do. It is one of the most difficult decisions she will make in her lifetime and it is my belief that women should have the right to make the decision about what happens to her body.”

Right now, Michigan is one of many states that does not allow Medicaid to cover abortion services. Low-income women often rely on private small funding groups or the National Abortion Federation’s Justice Fund. In addition to supporting changing policies for abortion patients and leaders who will make it happen, you can donate to these funds to help low-income women here:      

Scotsdale Women’s Center is opened 6 days a week, Monday- Saturday and is located on the city’s northwest side at 19305 West 7 Mile Rd near Evergreen. They offer free pregnancy testing, gestational ultrasounds, pap smears, STD testing, prenatal care, morning after pills, pregnancy terminations and much more. For more information contact them at 313-538-2020 or visit their website http://www.detroitabortionc