Coke: Don't choke our oceans!

Civic Action Admin • 8 January 2018

Coca-Cola produces over 110 billion single-use plastic bottles each year—that’s over 3,400 bottles a second! Many of these single-use plastics end up in our oceans, where they harm marine life, break down into microplastics, and enter the food chain. With global plastic production set to double in the next 20 years and quadruple to 318 million metric tons by 2050, recycling alone is simply never going to solve this problem. 

Coke is planning to release a global strategy on plastics in January 2018. Tell Coke that their new policy must set clear commitments to dramatically REDUCE their use of single-use plastic bottles, embrace reusable packaging, and invest in developing innovative new delivery systems. Hey Coke, don’t choke our oceans with plastic!

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