So, what's new here - the US withdraws from the International Community - different than the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Climate Disruption Accords, now Iran? In each - the World rolls on and the US is marginalized and diminished on the world stage.

True Iran is a bad-actor and has a chip on it's shoulder. True the Iranian people should be fed up with the current and long standing regime (at least ours is not long standing). True Trump would have never done this deal - but this is not exactly a failed Casino deal - lets not pretend he has any relevant experience here.

The American people are amazing - and we will transcend this side-track. But right now, at each of these turns, we, the United States, further isolate ourselves from the civilized world.

The TPP rolled on without us - and would not now welcome us

The Paris Accords rolled on without us - and, when this tide turns will welcome us back

The Iran Deal will roll on without us - and Iran will simply deal with the rest of the signers.

This Iran regime will eventually fall - but not because of Trump's tiny worldview - because they are so deeply flawed.

There is nothing new here - just a repeat of the MO - play to a dwindling and, in many aspects a horrific base (think the neo-Nazi Alt Right) who has elected a puppet President who has no vision of his own.

I pledge allegiance to the United Stated, and I live on Earth.