We Grow Tired...

Stephen Rockwell • 3 March 2019
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We tuned in this week to the Michael Cohen testimony, a hearing which would certainly sink any other person to hold the office of the President.  But events like this that demonstrate the lack of character and illegality of Trump in this saga has become almost commonplace. Despite what Wolf Blitzer or Rachel Maddow tell us, they are not earth shattering.  It is Wednesday in Trump world, and we are all part of this shitbag's quest to placate his ego and pad his wallet.  

The Republican Party demonstrated time and again that they lack any moral center or really any values at all in their defense of a bad man at every turn.  Count among them the conservative Christian "values voters" who demonstrate power and xenophobia as the real core of the philosophy.  Michael Cohen rightfully warned Congressional Republicans that they too would end up like him, disgraced and imprisoned, for supporting a man whose psychology requires only that he feels superior to anyone that comes within his awareness.

All of this bullshit is taking away from the core issues of our time.  We have all of about a decade to stop the dramatic shifts we are causing to the climate. We are one of the few countries who doesn't provide health care to all of its citizens while we bankrupt ourselves on tax cuts for rich people.  Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt as the inequality gaps widen.  We live in the new Gilded Age and Trump drags us into these small-minded, childish disputes on a daily basis.  Every tantrum is reported in the media.  The resistance claps back on twitter.  All this energy spent making sure we don't normalize his fascist proclivities, racism and misogyny.  And while I participate (this blog being no exception), I keep wondering to myself how come we are wasting so much time on Trump?  We'll look back on it as battles that needed to be fought, but we were largely fight in the wrong war with the long view of history in mind.

Russia's meddling in our election processes and the rise of right wing dictatorships (and wanna be in the case of Tump) is a recipe for disaster for democracy and must be confronted, and the core issues of our day around climate and inequality require our full attention as we work the problems and optimize the public policy to address these fundamental challenges to our world.  I dedicate myself to focusing on these larger issues moving forward.  

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